The memorial site for the Swiss Air Flight 111 is a mile or so west from Peggy's Cove. We'd just gone there this morning, until it'd gotten too crowded with tourist who'd slept-in.

We'd torn down camp at King Neptune's campground, taken a few snapshots at West Dover and Yankee Harbor and found our way to this memorial.

Looking directly straight out to sea, you're looking at the crash site. Both Peggy's Cove and Blandford were centers for recovery operations after the crash.

The round stones in the memorial have flat faces. If you face south (photo above) and look down the face of the stone on your left (photo below), you are looking in a direct line to the waters off of Peggy's Cove.

If you look down the face of the stone to your right (below) you're looking directly at the waters off of Blandford.

In photo below you can see that Peggy's Cove is a couple miles off in the distance.

Our next stop would be Lunenburg and it's Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

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